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Thank you to my Coaches!

Janusz Peciak and Margaux Isaksen

Janusz Peciak 1976 Gold Medalist Modern Pentathlete from Poland and my Coach and advisor, has been my guide and inspiration at every step. Janusz’ advice and tutelage have brought me from being a young athlete with potential to one who can perform in world class arenas. I owe this opportunity to Janusz. (That’s me with Janusz in Poland fall 2007).

See more about Janusz online at wikipedia

Margaux Isaksen and Michael Cintas

Michael Cintas Coach Cintas has a gift for sizing up all of the different horses we come across in pentathlon. We only get 20 minutes to get to know the horse over 5 obstacles. Coach Cintas helps me analyze the jury ride and prepares me for any situation that might come up. His lessons and camps are always productive and we make great progress in short amounts of time together. He is an essential part of Team Margaux.

Visit Michael's website at http://www.eqcntrintl.com

Sylvino Lyra My first Shooting Coach and the man who encouraged me and saw me through my first international competition in Italy, Silvino Lyra, helped me develop the dream and put the fire in my belly. Thanks to you Sill, I learned to believe. (That’s me in the blue shorts and top shooting).


Dragomir Cioroslan One of the first people I met at the OTC and one whose encouragement was unflagging was Dragomir Cioroslan, former Gold Medalist weight lifter and then Director of the OTC Modern Pentathlon program. Thank you Dragomir for believing in me, challenging me, and helping me on my way.

Neal Picken

Neal Picken Owner of the Arkansas Fencing Academy in Springdale, Arkansas and my coach, benefactor, and friend. Neal recognized my potential and encouraged me to consider Modern Pentathlon. I love this sport. Thank you so much Neal

Nadia Paunov and Margaux Isaksen

Nadia Paunov Shown in the photo with me on the right and my sister, Isabella, on the left; we’re on a quid pro quo outing on horseback. Nadia, a veteran champion European fencer, taught me from the fundamentals and shepherded my fencing skills to the point I’ve reached today. Nadia is a good friend and a fun person. Thank you Nadia for everything!

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