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Pentathlon Shooting Range
Combined Run/Shoot

The Men and Women competition consists of:
Handicap start, approx. 20m run, 5 Targets down (time limit 1’10”) 1000m run; 5
Targets down (time limit 1’10”); 1000m run, 5 Targets down (time limit 1’10” ); 1000m run.

The course consists of an integrated laser pistol shooting range equipped
with electronic targets, a start area not more than 20m from the first shooting station, a
running course of 3 laps of 1000m each lap and a last penalties stop area.

Margaux Isaksen competes in the 2010 US Pentathlon Championships combined event   Margaux Isaksen pentathlon shooting in London 2010   Margaux Isaksen running in the combined event modern pentathlon Moscow, Russia 2010

Margaux Isaksen competes in the combined event modern pentathlon   Margaux Isaksen competing in modern pentathlon US championships 2010 combined event   Margaux Isaksen competes in Kaohsuing, Taiwan


Margaux Isaksen Shooting in the combined event

2010 World Cup #1, Playa del Carmen,Mexico - Margaux finished with the Silver Medal       


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