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Equestrian Show Jumping Margaux Isaksen show jumping

Unlike other equestrian events, riders in the modern pentathlon are not on their own horses. Instead, for the 12-fence showjumping phase, they draw for horses, luck plays an important part in this part of pentathlon.

At all official UIPM Individual competitions it is a riding course of 350–450m length consisting of
12 obstacles, a combination of two elements (a double) and another of three elements (a triple)
must be included.

A minimum of 5 elements must be set at the maximum height (1.20 meters) relevant to the status of the competition and the height of the course obstacles must be made in accordance
with the level of the horses

Margaux Isaksen Show jumping   Margaux Isaksen riding   Margaux Isaksen

2010 US Pentathlon National Championships, Margaux Isaksen jumping

Margaux Isaksen     Margaux Isaksen   Margaux Isaksen

2010 US National Pentathlon Championships Colorado Spring - photos by Riley Steinmetz

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